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Marco T.
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
status: single.


my origin: italian.

Job: Freelance Worker and planning to be a computer expert.

Hello and Welcome to my page!
you can call me: Marco, Dude, Man, hun (by girls only), Boss, King, Ace, Thunder, General, Buddy, Berserker, Charger, Power hitter, mr. nearly perfect, hotshot or top gun (i'm just using that as a nickname i mean). :D

you really can feel free to talk to me if you would like, no worries, i won't bite, seriously. feel free to give me a liama badge.

CURRENT MOOD: Disappointed.

MY PERSONALITY (ignore the negative ones please): autistic (low level/light level, i can easily handle it), intelligent (high level but sometimes it happens to meet obstacles on my way), brave, loyal, handsome, reckless (sometimes and self-defense only), helpful, stubborn (sometimes), honest, nice, calm, aggressive (accidentally sometimes and self-defense only), strong, funny (most times), a bit annoying (accidentally usually but not for my own amusement especially), impulsive (accidentally sometimes and self-defense only), a bit quick-tempered (accidentally sometimes but i can handle for the most times and self-defense only), kind, respectful, mean (sometimes and self-defense only), determined, patient (but not for ever), gentle, goofy (sometimes), social (great level), benevolent, cold (sometimes), weird (sometimes), out of control (self-defense only), tough, careful, tensioned (sometimes), uneasy (sometimes), protective, confident (medium level), brotherlike (sometimes), berserker (self-defense only), peacemaker, lazy (sometimes), friendly (friendship is important), distracted (sometimes), true, combative (self-defense only), supportive, like trevor phillips from gta 5 ( i act like him just in self-defense only even if he's a fictional character), dangerous (self-defense only), innocent, repetitive (accidentally usually and not for my own amusement usually but not always), sour (self-defense only), clumsy (sometimes), aware (most times but except in surprise situations), destructive (self-defense only), sensitive (sometimes), insecure (sometimes), happy-go-lucky (sometimes), worried (sometimes and important situations), ruthless (self-defense only), dark (self-defense only), off-key (just for my own amusement), violent (i don't like to being violent but in case of self-defense only yes), brutal (self-defense only), reasonable (most times), insane (self-defense only), fierce (self-defense only), reserved (sometimes), gallant, intuitive, suspicious (when if there's something goes wrong/bad), gruesome (i don't like to being gruesome but in case of self-defense only yes), psycho ( i don't like to being psycho but in case of self-defense only yes), wisely (most times), difensive (to fight back the offense attack), discreet, logic, clever (sometimes), deadly (self-defense only), balanced (sometimes), comedic (sometimes but most times), relentlessly (sometimes and especially self-defense only), sportive, a bit paranoiac (accidentally usually not for my own amusement), harsh (a bit sometimes but not for my own amusment), quickly (sometimes), slow (sometimes), passive (sometimes), selfless, ballistic (self-defense only), a bit strict (sometimes), crabby (accidentally usually and self-defense especially), polited, humorous, pratical, grumpy (accidentally usually and self-defense especially), a bit selfish (sometimes but not for my own amusement or for unnecessary reasons), unpredictable (sometimes and especially self-defense), athletic (sometimes), gentlemanly, neutral (sometimes), quiet (sometimes), guilty (when i make a wrongdoing and sometimes), hardworking (sometimes), soft (sometimes and almost often), responsible, romantic (sometimes), creative, daredevil (sometimes and self-defense only), outraged (when something bad happens), good mind, peaceful, a bit mischievous (occasionally), workaholic (occasionally), focused (sometimes), bloody (self-defense only), rational (most times), overloaded (sometimes), a bit shallow (occasionally and accidental), specific (mostly), noble, philosopher (sometimes), provident (sometimes), deep, disciplined (mostly and sometimes), diligent, well-intentioned, intuitive, doubtful (sometimes), cunning (sometimes), one-track minded (sometimes), daredevil (only when if the duty calls), groggy (sometimes), extreme (self-defense only), lawful (often sometimes), non sequitur (sometimes), thoughtful, weirdo (sometimes but usually not in a bad), refined (sometimes), traditional (sometimes), adventurous (sometimes), standoffish (sometimes), traditional (sometimes), full of surprises (sometimes), manly (sometimes), merciful (only for necessary reasons), puzzled (when i have some doubts), classic (sometimes)...

there's things what i like and what i hate:

MY LIKES (in short, a lot of things but specified, you can feel free to read this): cars, guns (not for bad/evil/dishonest and petty purposes), stickmen/pivots, enhance/improving my arts, making parodies, parrots, cartoon xiaolin showdown, hot wheels toys, being useful, being helpful, being kind (except to the enemies and traitors), my true friends, drawing, prove things that are true, dogs and cats or animal what i like, fixing important things, studying all countries (geography), sports in general (to make me get stronger and tough), being brotherlike, making people pleased (in the right/correct way), being rewarded, careful people, feeling fairly accepted, feeling mentally well, necessarily sometimes saying constructive things, being honest straight and true with anyone, learning and knowing my mistakes, getting straight, videogames, being nice with other people (except hostile people), nice gifts, making gifts (except to the enemies), feeling fairly popular, being a peacemaker, finishing my duties/tasks, being interesting, being consultant, make a good impression, hearing the truth, having good skills, deals with a definite time, my birthday (a really important day for me), sharing my soldariety to my friends, being cool, friends, being beloved, sharing my kindness, being politely, being funny, buying commissions, giving support and being supportive, finding out right solutions, supportes, laughing, thinking something good, being modest, seeing happy children and kids, children (except those rough/rogue/hostile ones), motorbikes, helicopters, racing, improving my english grammar, doing my best, gaining patience, the animals (except the poisnous animals and the hostile ones), organize parties, martials arts (in general), boxing, wrestling, being goofy for my own amusement, returning the favor, freestyle karate, letting someone to hit me first (because i hate being first to start a fight), workout (because i want to increase my physical health to be a hard fighter), being an outstanding guy, good coindences, showing my loyalty, gaining reputation in the right way, showing my positive side, earning respect, making people realizing their mistakes (including myself), challenges, musics, speed, avoiding troubles and unlucky situations, hoping, american football rugby, good people, feeling the adrenaline inside me, destroying art blocks, helping my friends, having guts, being a badass (without overdoing it), people giving me a liama badge, hijacking the enemies machines, writting good texts, being clumsy (for my own amusement not for real), being aware, friends that they believe in me, being prepared, controlling myself, making my friends pleased, respecting urgent situations, saturdays, being smarter, fixing good things and good objects, being comfortable, being able, being psychologically strong, necessary recycling, solving misunderstandings, finding and feeling the inner strenght, destroying the pollutions (to save the planet from those garbages), enemies become friends (sometimes they do not), teaming up, being approved, funny accidents (except the lethals ones), being blessed and blessing my friends and blessing good people (except bad/fake/hostile people), doing stunts, going of seeking the truth, certain spin-offs, giving people necessary space especially to my friends if they wish so, siding with the good people, helpful books and manuals (with a lot of instruction), being likeable, recycling, nightclubs and arcades rooms, sharing good things, staying out from the troubles, good intentions, inspirations, having good resources, positive minds, hoping, doing good actions, friends pranks me, being reasonable, earning reputation, bodybuilding, being optimism (not in shallow way), using smart ways, using good manners and good-talking manners (sadly sometimes it doesn't always work), being intelligent (without overloading my brain obviously), nitros and turbos (to going faster with an any vehicle), friends asking me what they needs to me, jetpacks, natural good looks, punching bags, using wits especially for the first resorts, hamsters, showing off my guts, protesting and oppose the nonsense unfair/sospicious demands (using the good manners at first), anticipate somethings (sometimes and sometimes often), mascots, dancing (sometimes), good encouragements, finding the right key, delivering nice things, catching people in the act, strenght training, sea seals, good negotiate, taking little naps (1 hour at least), useful glossary, balanced/lawfull censorship, correcting things and correcting set ups, stopping the enemy mastermind for good, fguring out the puzzles in the right order or pro way, helpful synonyms, cautios players, amusement arcades, respecting people's problems except those unjustified ones, bears, monkeys, honey, creating arcades/videogames machines and emulators except gambling games, clean nightclubs (without any suspicious things inside it), safe drinkable water, fair battles, taking down the cheaters and tricksters, goofy (my favorite disney character number 1 indeed), retro arcade games, making a good potraits and paints, preventing/stop the betrayal plans, finishing important school tests, gorillas, paintballs, useful guide books, getting along well in a fair and correct way, bee glue natural medicine, common sense, making hostile people and hostile animals harmless by charging/tackling/bumping/ramming at them (it's higly risky but only for defense duties and putting an end to their harmful thug life and teaching them to not attack the wrong targets), brutally taking down the assaulters/attackers/offenders, improving my physical and some mental endurances, efficient printers, efficient keyboards, efficient controls, blocking suspicious pop ups (they can appear with unpleasant surprises), being necessary clean (without being a neat freak of course), preventing overheat, preventing water pollution, preventing air pollution, funny puns, funny stagings, specific indications, glowing keyboards (with this i can see well the letters), useful and reliable alarm clocks (except with unwanted musics), good sleepover, honest watchers, honest charm, honest equality, some underated things (videogames for example), destroying/dispose unwanted/useless things, fair and honest rules/laws, honest chivarly, being foolproof (in order to be careful), humanity, good/clean/nice/lawfull and honest community, having sometimes necessary attentions, necessary and rightfully forcing people to see their mistakes, dismembering/maiming/slaughtering/butchering/cleave/shredding/mutilating the evil/crooked/hostile/shameless/uncivil/sickening/unreasonable/demonic/radical/tyrannical/dominant/dishonest/heartless/threatening/murderous enemies (especially to the enemy leaders), exploitable obstacles, preventing unwanted preventions, saving civilizations, people quits using unwanted drugs, hitting hard on the enemies (especially the leaders and head honchos), defeating rivals, heroic people and heroic animals, legal/friendly/clean/lawful/civil/true/nice/genuine/innocents/loyal/honest immigrants (except the fake and hostile ones), mocking clumsy enemies (in a clean way usually but i won't on the murderous ones), balanced and useful computer operating systems, evil/bloody/hostile rulers gets punished harshly and painfully, good and trusty drones, being deep in the correct way, revealing the enemy's true face/form, evicting the enemies, harmless posistive nuclear energy, saying no to the brainless instigators, punishing rightfully unruly and reckless car drivers, forcing rightfully certain suspicious people to state their intentions, taking down brutally the traitors, slapsticks film, some interesting difficulties, denying annoying slangs expressions, necessary slow things and fast things, studying and testing enemy interesting movements, destroying enemy's ideology with any means, destroying hostile/persistent/bloody/mad persecutors, necessary distrust (in case of things gets unpredictable and unstable), using rage mode to defend myself and saving innocents from unpredictable/murderous/bloody enemies, good/honest preachers, destroying enemy's capitalism, destroying enemy's twisted ideas, using rage mode to fight enemy's crazy hordes, violence (except unwanted/uncalled violence and i hate violence used on innocents people and on innocents animals especially), having quickly act of reflexes possibly at least less than 0.40 seconds, having the chances to travel the world, defy the enemy, destroying enemy's goals (especially their main goals), healing alies/friends, honest patriotism, searching the truth, clean waters, watching important news, examining things, important and necessary freedom of speechs, driving ignorants away, taking out enemy gangs, making the enemies bleed, ruining enemy's plans, obstructing enemy's way, important comparisons, occasionally taking a walk with my dog when there's good time, necessary rainy weather, necessary sunny weather, funny antagonists and protagonists (except bloodthirsty antagonists), good adventures, necessarily using the scientific methods to find out the truth, being in the right/balanced level, breaking unwanted/tyrannical/unlawful/fake rules/law, some necessary cheats code except those illegals ones, defying enemy's will, eliminating the shameless haters, yelling at the bad/lame/incompetent designers/developers/producers, having at least the minimal/slightest clue to solve certain things, being charismatic in the correct/honest/right way, fairly sparing certain non-evil enemy pawns (pawns needs to oppose their evil masters), destroying enemy's main bases, being sometimes necessary independent, good/balanced and fair moderators, fighting the enemies without underestimating them, lawfully demolishing ungrateful people, inappropriate ads gets banned, brutally smashing up the scammers, brutally shredding apart the enemy's contracts, necessary steams (except dangerous steams), friendly/loyal/heroic/honest countrymen, necessary restorations, worthy opponents, worthy/respectful drivers opponents and riders opponents, ramming down and bumping fleeing enemies, disposing enemies useless carcass/flesh/limbs/dead bodies, brutally destroying enemy's supremacy with everything necessary, boycotting and removing enemy's outrageous fraud things, destroying enemy's alliances, annihilating unprovoked enemies, necessary charity, obliterating evil entrepreneurs, using real facts and real evidences to breakdown the enemies brutally, removing the trash and garbage, using rage mode against enemies outrageous ambush tactics, making a blitz against the enemies, some decent italodance music, confusing and tricking the enemies, being able to see stealthy/invisible enemies using my eyes, necessary interviews, using stealth moves to defeat the enemies, wiping out enemy's restriced areas, sometimes necessarily facing some dangers, necessary editions, destroying useless obstructing things, honest/loyal countrymen, necessary unlimited guarantees, being able to block enemies attacks, good/honest/honorable authority, enemies being afraid of me, finishing the commissions, removing the fake news, driving vehicles in the race track in order to learn to drive well and avoiding crashes, necessary former glory forms, funny/good hosts, legally hacking enemy's systems, ruining enemy's agenda with any means necessary, demolishing smugglers and traffickers, driving away unwanted narrow-minded people...

MY DISLIKES (in short, a lot of things but specified, you can feel free to read): fruits (because they have a taste bad for me.) except orange juice and lemon juice and pineapple and bananas and cocconut (but i don't eat the pineapple and bananas but i welcome them and they don't give me much problems), jellyfish, art thieves, menaces/threats, bad/annoying/unwanted and persistent advertisings, trollers, spoiled people, itch, troublemakers, haters, rude people, heartless cyberbullying, traitors, unwanted selfish people, drugs in general including also psychiatric drugs, smog, pollution, bad glicthes, being mad, treating bad to my friends, being pathetic, being boring with to my friends, people gets mad for no reason, unwanted jealousy, unwanted really mean people, being an idiot, drawing something against copyright, breaking laws of copyright, doing always nothing, unwanted ignorant people (ignorance can may kill sometimes), nasty people, people who like to harass me for their own amusement, being scammed, scammers, being fooled, ungrateful people, being a stalker, careless people, people who don't keep promises, being reported for stupid/unnecessary reasons, bad/unwanted pranks, things that they deny me, fighting and/or bickering with my friends each other, being depressed, being weak, people who spams for their own amusement except in an accidentally way, criminals, being a criminal, bad people, people who block me for unfair and petty reasons/being blocked for unfair/petty/outrageous/unnecessary reasons (because that's no excuse for it), losses, feeling heartbroken, making people mad especially for my own amusement, lies, things goes wrong, hostile/illegal mobbing, hostile insults, being offended/insulted, being denied (especially unfairly), hypocrites, being a slave, feeling trapped, art blocks, hard deals, feeling damaged, stress, dirty/illegal cheaters, hard choices, people who like to think bad about me and dare to spread bad rumors about me, people who want to attack me, being kicked out (especially in hostile/loud manners), things and decisions that have no excuses, being violent (except for self-defense purpose), fake friends, having a troublesome mood disorder, feeling in a bad mood, persistent headache, bad situations, serious troubles, disorder, backstabbers, double-crossers, fake promises, liars, being tricked, being a sadist, feeling in sorrow, being sad, gambling games (because it's a risk for the money and especially the illegal ones), losing friends, being always picky, unwanted picky people, betraying people's trust, making people disappointed, unwanted harassments (especially the harmful ones), feeling the stomach upside down, betraying people's trust, computers freezes by itself for no reason, people who like to underestimate me, stealing people's characters, racism in general, being disappointed, harsh/unwanted demands, bad and serious consequences, losing my friends, being unfairly brutal, being uneasy, making unwanted troubles, being a loser and a failure, bad and hard moments, being a bully, being unfairly crazy, making wrongdoings, offending my friends especially for my own amusement, public fights, people thinks purposely bad about me, hostile jerks, being cheated, people who betray my trust (makes me mad), incivility, lagging, being rude, being the first one to fight, offensive/hostile talking, intentional overreactions, being unfairly arrogant, being doomed, much noise, deforestation, feeling tored apart, being a hoodlum, being ignored especially for unnecessary reasons, being hostile (except to the enemies and traitors), friendly fire, being gloomy, deals with an indefinite time, being hopeless, harsh/unwanted orders, bad/unfairly/dirty/hostile taunts, doing wrong steps, being an unwanted desperate person, giving troubles and problems to people, making wars, child molesters, child abuse, saying things instead than doing it, understatements, losing my touch (losing the skills i mean), being hateful, cruelty, being afraid, unwanted intolerant people, hard and dark moments, people who like to ignore me for unnecessary reasons, being a meddler, making people to lose their patience especially for my own amusement, making people/friends looks embarrassed (especially in an unfair way), feeling out of ideas, tormentng people for my own amusement, being polemic/controversial for my own amusement, making a mess, losing the memory, losing my strength, being weak, feeling sick, bad news, overdoing and overwork, being a pain for people (especially for my friends), being worthless, being rotten, making disgusting things, being a scum, people doing that what's wrong, having bad days, justify wrong/bad things, wasting my good times, fake hopes, unwanted certain musics, being always lonely, people who like and trying to put me down, being an ignorant guy, being always/unnecessary repetitive, people who like and enjoy to break the limits and boundries, saying and giving lectures, doing something wrong, insolent people, people who like and enjoy ruining birthdays, hostile flaming messages, losing always, being unfairly selfish, greedy people, waiting for a long time, being collapsed, bad/unfriendly/hostile feedbacks, being a sitting duck, saying a joke without a correct punchline, being abusive, being unorganized, abusive people, people who like to oppose me for their own amusement, being creepy, attacking the wrong targets, toxic wastes (they destroy the nature environment), dead ends (because we are forced to fight back against bad people if is there is a dead end on the our way), unfair/unwanted tasks, giving up, losing my intelligence, losing my strength, litter, being careless, being spineless, animal abuse, supporting bad/heartless/hostile people, being unhappy, being unable, having a bad/unwanted attitude, having a breakdown (especially the serious ones), holding always my hatred, being a chump, being tied up heavily, being petty, petty people, being out of remedies, boredom, being a coward, being teased (except in friendly way), being a wimp, steroids (they destroy the muscles), hostile trash-talking, saying bad words in certain places and in the wrong places, people who like to murder innocent people, bad/suspicious watchers, bad/pointless/unwanted/senseless excuses, heavy/unexcusable/hostile vanity, hostile cocky people, being a disgrace, being out of resources, polluters, dangerous pyromaniacs, unwanted boastful people, being stranded, leaving my friends behind unfairly, unfair and abusive players, cancers (especially the lethal ones), unwanted enmity, unwanted/inexcusable ignorance, siding with the wrong people, being always privileged/having unfairly the privileges (because it makes spoil the people including me), contaminations, going too far, stealing people's characters, advantages with bad intentions, sharing bad/unwanted things, unwanted arrogant people, persistent common cold, wrong/unwanted/unbearable/bad ideas and opinions, hostile/twisted/negative minds, bugging the people especially to my friends, evil grows relentlessly, friends demands me harshly, people ignores important things such as red emergencies (aka: code red), damaging the friendship, being used (especially by fake friends and bad bosses), overworking, being a monster unfairly, friends becomes enemies, following bad and wrong examples, being done for, being helpless, being not welcome especially by friends, crossing the line and breaking the boundries, being unpleasant, people misbehaving intentionally and for unwanted reasons, people and friends using hard feelings intentionally and for unwanted reasons, unwanted bossy people, being unfairly mean, unfriendly people, unwanted sassy people, unwanted arguing, shameless people, wrong points, deplorable things, harsh/fake/tyrannical/fake/unwanted rules/laws (especially those nonsense and imperatives ones), protuberances, people trying to set me up, mentioning nonsense things and same things, unwanted hostile/malicious/bad things, being unsteady and unstable, dictators, people turning tables illegally, persistent problems, blackmails, being hard/stoned-hearted unfairly, hostile verbals assaults, unfair/illegal exploitation, manipulations, being disoriented, bad/evil gangsters, dirty tricks, people not respecting the queue line/people jumping queue line illegally, alchool in general, satisfy the people's whims (especially those illegal/rotten/tyrannical/heartless/shameless/petty ones), bad/corrupted/rotten/hostile/uncaring/psychotic/sneaky/sospicious/rotten/dirty/abusive/inadequate/wicked/dishonest/petty/bloody/shameless/nasty/tyrannical/heartless/lazy/cunning/ruthless/useless/insane/deadly/dark/outrageous/demonic/disgraceful/hypocritical/lawless/spineless/unruly/hateful/enemy/evil politicians (especially those elite and powerful ones), ruining the surprises, annoying zits/pimples, things that driving me crazy, hostile mockings, unwanted slackers, being annoying/giving annoyance to anyone, unwanted perfection, being intentionally deserted, nagging people, inhumanity, being malicious, malicious people, malicious games, being lousy, heart attacks (especially those fatal ones), unwanted conflicts, unbearable things and people, being a stereotype, unwanted/useless stereotypes, command controls won't responding, laze around for too long and illegally laze around, being an evil doer, ouija boards (are very dangerous and it must be destroyed at any costs), people has an inveterate grudge on me, having bad/disgusting/awful results, illegal intimidations, bad/offensive/rude/heartless/petty/hostile judgements, inveterate enemies, hard and unexpected questions, people supports wrong/evil/bad people, unwanted/inexcusable shallow/superficial people, evil intelligence, aggressive drivers, hatemongers, barbarism, bulky and obstructive objects, being limited, unwanted limited/weak/incompetent/narrow minded people, doing fouls things. illegal rip off, hardened immature people, stealing points, people filming things without permission, people filming with bad/wrong intentions, explicit sexual things in pubblic places including in pubbilic sites, games gets freezed, persitent conjunctivitis, being heavily cornered, enemy's resistance, items gets broken by itself, mad enemies, disgusting and very weird outfits, hostile gutter punks, people purposely refuse to declare their intentions, taking long naps (over than a hour), being inadequate, inadequate things, bad things spreads out, troublesome things and programs, unwanted/unbearable heavy childish things over the 100%, excessive/inexcusable/wicked/tyrannical/unwanted censorship, murderous enemies, dangerous radiations, glass gets steamy, bad jobs, minors gets involved by explicit sexual things, irrelevant things, people insults deliberately innocent people for their own amusement, unwanted/lethal obstacles, forgetting my dictionary parts, being mentally overloaded, hostile figures, being speechless at the needed critical moments, bad/unwanted confrontations, uncultured people, cars gets parked in the wrong places, harmful things, losing the honor, ungrateful people, being deaf, detractors, unwanted/inexcusable rejections, impudent/shameless/unwanted foul-mouthed people, being unfairly neglected and negleting myself critically, unremorseful people, losing the reputation, enemies appears from nowhere, heavy/dangerous fogs, persistent/annoying and dangerous mold, friends trying to commit a suicide, slippery roads, not chatting with friends or good people for too long, illegal thug life, illegal/hostile behavior, illegal things in public places, false accusations, injustice, saying hurtful things, people try intentionally to griefing me or my friends, contaminated soil, hostile body language, people with serious intention to harm for their own amusement, hostile voice tones, degradation, sea food (i don't like their taste) except fish sticks and fish balls, hostile idiotic gamers especially those hostile idiotic hardcore ones, hostile freaks, unwanted trigger-happy people, make people uncomfortable, rough hillocks/small hills, harm intentions, unwanted/useless/senseless gossips, unruly people, bad/unwanted slangs, bad mods, drug dealers, waiting in vain, bad/heartless/tyrannical/rotten/wicked/uncaring/insane/meddlesome/suspicious/hostile society and societies, people have something against me for unexplainable reasons, hostile attitudes, unfair/unwanted capital punishments, unsafe water, unfair exclusions, bad/evil entrepreneurs, people talking too fast (because it makes hard to understand quickly), hostile aliens, dishonorable enemies/dishonorable people, nice cartoons and videogames gets unfairly forgotten, sluggish controls, discriminations, retarded controls/steer, staying in the dark for too long (the dark for too long can be unhealthy), people talk always inaccurate way (makes hard to understand what they mean in some cases), unwanted really stubborn people, unreliable things, people taking too far things, unwanted posts, people adding disgusting/indecent things on internet and public places, hostile detractors, losing my senses, hostile noobs, unwanted insubordination, making a bad/offensive potraits, unwanted/useless sponsors, things gets excessively generic, turning conversation into an argument, friends gets corrupted by bad things and by bad people, people uses deadly force unfairly/unlawful, being a bad leader/boss, unwanted walls, unfair/unnecessary/outrageous/unwanted banishment, bad report cards, people breaks arcade game machines (unless if they're slot machine then yes thus they can break it), distortions used in offensive manners, my points gets stolen (makes me very mad), environment gets destroyed, serious/critical droughts, enemy/bad/insane/evil artificial intelligence, some unwanted words, smug used in an offensive way, losing the rationality, evil capitalism, anti-social people, losing my voice, harmful mistakes, unwanted mean people, people who like dare to betray me, slow reloading, rough/rogue/heartless/unruly/insane/hostile/bad kids, writing wrong texts/lines, hostile phenomena, people rejects my idea unfairly, evil imperialism, mafia gangs, wrong/incorrect confirmations, things gets uncivilized, hostile/dangerous germs, bad/wicked/unruly/corrupted/treacherous/sospicious/shameless/insane/bloody/uncaring/petty/heartless/evil system, people keep me in suspense unfairly, unwanted/treacherous/petty/unofficial critics, children exploitation, innocents people and innocents animals gets kidnapped and taken as hostages by heartless enemies, treacherous people, illegal/suspicious construction sites, too much lava/magma, innocent wildlife in danger, evil hackers, insulting innocent people, bad/fake/illegal/unruly/dangerous/lawless/tyrannical/corrupted/unfriendly/arrogant/heartless/wicked/hostile immigrants (except the honest/legals and innocents ones), tight turns corners, dangerous snowy roads, small keyboards, hostile/unfriendly/dangerous wildlife, people says shut up to me for stupid reasons and impudent reasons, ulcers, unavoidable and unstoppable enemy attacks, useless random power-ups, people getting me wrong especially for their own amusement, unwanted automatic settings, unwanted objections, unwanted/irrelevant explanations, unwanted statements, hostile/unfriendly cartoon characters, unwanted/inexcusable prejudices, bad/unwanted softwares, suspicious apps, unwanted new tabs opens by itself, suspicious programms, not noticing my own selfish signs, pop ups (they could be dangerous), fake anti virus, unwanted medieval things, annoying/hostile/tyrannical/psycho neat freaks, enemy legacy, enemy unlimited reinforcements and unlimited supplies, having a fatal failure, unwanted/unfair/unnecessary/senseless/pointless refusals, driving in the opposite lane, unwanted/useless catchphrases, dementia disease (it could be dangerous), first aid gets destroyed, useless dead trees, parking cars in the wrong places, things gets unfairly underrated, hostile undeads, hostile monsters, suspicious cookies, shallow/misleading instructions, the illuminati (it's the earth planet's main enemy/antagonist), bad/weak textures, road hogs/hit-and-run, unwanted cuts, bad placements, using illegal things, irrelevant/pointless theories, having no life, lame and troublesome videogames camera/interface, illegal/enemy/sospicious ferries, bad/evil/fake/petty/wicked/treacherous/corrupted/tyrannical/heartless/unwanted/abusive authority, unwanted mechanisms, feeling empty, bad/unsteady sensors, hostile/bad/petty/harsh/ungentlemanly/heartless/unwanted lectures, sensitive controls, rough and dangerous crowd, bad/incompetent programmers, chemical plants (they destroy the nature environment), indecent things in pubilc places, not being myself, unhelpful/useless advices, people who can't get to the critical point, people uses dirty/hateful/illegal privileges to get what they want, deranged people, people uses dirty/illegal advantages, fake democracy, always agree and always disagree, unpleasant/annoying/unbearable/unwanted ringtones, hateful/unpleasant/unbearable/unwanted expectations, hostile/arrogant/tyrannical/petty/heartless/bloody/dirty/corrupted social media, shallow/heartless/sospicious/corrupted media, illegal exhibitionism, unfair/unwanted exclusions, false/unwanted rumors, bad/wrong/inappropriate approachs, useless people, unwanted/pointless dramas, having a misconduct (especially in the illegal ways), violanting important terms, delayed responses, being unfairly dreadful (except towards to the enemies), sneaky tattletales/wiseguys/snitchers, unwanted/suspicious fans, black keyboards (it makes difficult to see the letters), thoughtless people, toxic mushrooms, making my friends feel guilty (except fake friends), making unwanted denigrations, being unfairly fired, warmongers, bulky support beams, unwanted controversies, imposters, pointless/senseless/useless conversations, people doesn't listen carefully (it could happen that they could get me wrong the point and thus might drive me crazy), people uses words in an unwanted ways (used accidentally is justified), fake morals, excessive freedom (can cause serious troubles), unwanted automatic systems/mechanics, troublesome sloping roads, staying on the phone for too long, useless and unwanted decorations, defying the wrong people, unwanted/senseless/useless examples, unwanted/useless/wicked/bad consultants, mind controls on innocents, some unwanted people doesn't mind their own business, people unfairly mind their own business at the wrong moments, dirty strategies, unwanted fanboyism and unwanted fangirlism (they create misleading nonsenses on internet and some troubles), unwanted combos, dangerous guns recoils, dangerous blindspots, weak tractions, hostile morality, troublemakers and wrongdoers places blame to the innocents people, drinks near to the computers (could be dangerous), not hearing the doorbell, loving myself too much, staying always at home, useless/unpleasant/unwanted gestures, being too confident, illegal/unwanted shortcuts, being watched by suspicious/unpleasant/unwanted users, some cartoons and some animes, dangerous/harmful/toxic plastics, ulcers, hostile/sickening/wicked/rotten/bloody/heartless/t1yrannical hierarchies, hard interactions, overbearing people, people wrongfully ignores my important texts, unwanted/fake/heartless/rotten/petty/senseless/pointless/unlawful/unfair restraining orders, being considered obsolete for pointless reasons, certain nasty things that makes my eyes bleed, making missclicks (can cause troubles), dreadful/stressful timers, unwanted bad languages, people wrongfully gets panicked (can cause unwanted chaos), enemy armed road blocks, being an hikikomori (aka: complete loner/hermit), unwanted/unpleasant indelible stains, hostile/heartless/wicked/sospicious/rotten/bloody/dirty/evil corporations, junkies, dangerours addictions, being traumatised, dirty profits, enemy civilizations, hostile/tyrannical/petty/unruly/unfriendly/arrogant/heartless/dishonorable/corrupted/treacherous countrymen, never-ending wars, rough road intersections, faulty controls, enemies/unwanted people intercepts my way, hard computer operating systems, unwanted and persistent beggars, traumatising/harmful/dangerous websites, demanding machines, human trafficking and human smuggling, enemy's business, enemy's agendas, enemy's revolution, bad people/enemies gets benefits, deceptive things, hostile cultures, enemies try to overtake and override everything, illegal/hostile rebels, enemy/hostile landlords, enemy rioters, histories ruined, enemy/hostile colonization, plague, enemy play the victim, enemy hides the crimes, making offensive drawings (can cause dangerous consequences), unwanted/bloody extremists (especially enemy's extremism), fake plaintiffs, confusing samples, hard indistic talk, supremacy abuse, unwanted interpretations, rough contenders, people being forgetful unfairly, enemy's cospiracy, sexism, people denying common sense, ruined privacy, enemy's ideology, dangerous water currents, fake/enemy witness, bad/hostile/heartless/evil/unruly/petty/treacherous/corrupted/fake social services, fake news, missing important points, dangerous rogue sea waves, useless/hard/unwanted and always using implicit meanings, unwanted/useless chit-chats, unwanted absences and unwanted presences, being berated harshly (makes me enraged), unwanted callousness/cynical people, unwanted/corrupted/wicked/petty/heartless/hostile liberalism and evil/insane/twisted liberals, insane lowlife people, slow reloading, always soccer sport (it's not a bad sport but always that gets boring), unwanted/heartless/bloody/illegal slavery, unwanted yapping, illegal impositions, vegetable patch gets destroyed, being drunk, inexcusable oversights, vehicles gets flipped upisde down, explict images gets public, enemy's bribe, persistent unwanted smells/stenchs, fake/fraud/illegal vaccines, enemy's ambitions, hidden PC viruses, always forced to deal with it especially in an unfair way, people uses the wrong ways on me, people's unwanted disagreement, enemy delivers lucky shots, people blocks tight sidewalks, challenges based on luck, being always forgiving, self-obsessed people, wrong compressions, unwanted dogs onwers, people unfairly refuses to apologize, unwanted determinations, unwanted sensations, people being not careful with fragile things, hostile youth people and hostile elderly people, unwanted and petty heartbreakers, enemy's propaganda, sneaky enemies, unwanted/hostile distrust, evil socialism, enemy/hostile/dirty/heartless/shameless/bad/evil preachers, my videogame machines and devices gets out of services, fighting dangerous enemies without an appropriate weapon, entering in enemy's no-go zones/dangerous hostile ghettos without an appropriate weapon, enemy's inside job, illegal submissions, friends gets absent/inactive/offline for too long, enemy's globalization, declining unfairly friend/family invities, suspicious/unpleasant invities, illegal/unlawful/inexcusable/unwanted violence (especially used on innocent people), enemy campaign, enemy party, enemies refuses to regret and enemies makes fake regrets, interfering objects, enemy's supporters, enemy's evil constitution, hostile/tyrannical/twisted/bloody/petty/heartless chauvinists, fake patriotism, weak/dangerous/useless chairs, enemies invading innocents territories, hostile/bad/wicked/petty/unruly/fanatical/treacherous/heartless/rotten/tyrannical/fake feminism, having a bad leadership, unwanted gaps, enemy's orders, things that makes me cringe, enemy's sponsors, enemy vip/celebrites, enemy's policies, bad intelligence quotient, unwanted/inexcusable/unpleasant lazyness, bow down to the enemies, unwanted/useless jewels, unwanted/useless wealth, unwanted obsessions, enemy smugglers, enemy infiltrators, important investigations failed, chemical/dangerous/unhealthy dairy, unwanted awkward things, unwanted informal ways, enemies terrorizing innocent people and innocent animals, sospicious online shops, using fake excuses (which is morally wrong), evil/bad/heartless/wicked/rotten/disgraceful/mindless/unruly/sickening/uncaring/unkind/tyrannical/bloody/treacherous/twisted/corrupted governments, evil criminals gets aided, mad/crazy/rotten/shameless/unruly/twisted rich people, enemy watchmen, innocents people gets tortured, enemies gets extra rights/privileges, fascism, heartless/twisted/shameless/mindless/evil rapists, enemy's speculations, crimes gets covered up (especially the serious ones), useless commentaries, hostile/wicked/heartless/petty/shameless/twisted/bloody/evil communism, unwanted fearful people (they might can make illogical reactions), illegal fur coats shops, illegal profits, evil/treacherous/corrupted parliaments, bloodthirsty outlaws, clickbaits, unwanted/unplanned/uncalled guests, people declining unfairly the commissions, asking unwanted requests, people doesn't reply my important texts, unwanted waiting, unwanted/unpleasant/unbearable serious people, fake charity, enemy's referendum, unwanted hand gestures, illegal/enemy structures/buildings/palaces, inferior enemies thinks to be superiors, enemy/rotten/tyrannical/hostile/dirty majority and minority, evil/enemy customers/clients, hostile/tyrannical/petty/unruly/heartless/evil social justice warriors, enemies gets sympathized, unwanted enrichments, enemies gets elected, going backward and forward over and over, dangerous bumpy hills, dangerous steps, wrong settings, bloody/rotten/treacherous/evil banking systems, evil/treacherous chancellors, enemies steal my vehicles, internet's dark side (can hurt people's mind), enemy's new world order, unwanted/useless luxury things, unwanted/outrageous/unpleasant replacements, my friends leaving without any notice, dangerous enemies rely to their vehicles to take me down and dangerous enemies trying to run me over, being forced to break rules (except fake rules), losing important final rounds, unwanted fragile things,
unwanted/unlawful/rotten/tyrannical/treacherous/heartless/hostile moderators, losing my loyal wingmen/minions, enemies refuses to come out, bad/unwanted generations, unwanted measures, unwanted/disgraceful weaklings, losing at the last efforts, dark ages, fake/unwanted/treacherous/suspicious do-gooders, evil autocracy, evil oligarchy, evil/bloody plutocracy, murderous cannibals, evil/tyrannical/rotten/murderous heartless/bloody/mindless/disgraceful/hostile political correctness, enemy's persistent/wicked/shameless nerve, serious/critical famine, having a weak immunitary defense, hostile and dangerous foreign things, fake/wicked/hostile hippies, illegal/enemy establishments, enemy protesters, always cars, shameless/insane/hostile freeloaders, chemical/dangerous/unhealthy dairy, targets spawn/appears in the wrong places, unwanted automatic change, faulty autoaim and autoaim picks accidentally the wrong targets, enemies pulls out other hidden weapons, unwanted/hateful boosts, enemy owners, evil anarchy, unwanted/sospicious/unpleasant evasive people, evil/illegal/tyrannical/hostile secrecy, enemy actors and actress, being unpresentable, lack of decency, hospitality abuse, hating myself too much, enemies uses fake documents to get everywhere, enemies wins the debate espescially in unfair/twisted/cunning manners, enemies making hate speech, enemies/criminals disguised as civillians and disguised as authority, being a phony, wearing headphones in the wrong moments, people makes excuses to argue/quarrel with me,
enemy/twisted/unpleasant/sospicious/hostile homeowners, enemy factions, evil nazism, unwanted/unpleasant/suspicious cohabitation, people doesn't correctly open their eyes and ears, being unable to fix/repair things, external memory/data storage gets broken, sospicious/dishonest groups, unofficial updates, not going in the gym for a long time, mad/hostile sharks, evil/hostile/shameless/heartless/sospicious/tyrannical fundamentalism, evil/shameless marketing, evil economy, being sold out, friends being afraid of me, being wronged, friends unfairly gives up on me, computers doesn't turn off properly, lack of informations, people expects me to read their minds (this stress me a lot), being forced to have to draw my friends or people attentions (especially in an inapprotiate way), computers doesn't turn on properly, enemy head honchos, evil/enemy networks, enemy/evil/hostile activists, evil/twisted/heartless/sospicious/hostile backward minded people, making incorrect/wrong deductions, enemy's dirty pride, enemy's pleasures, nature preserve in danger, making my friends feel embarrassed, weak vehicle's stabilizers, making unwanted chain messages, computer turns off by itself without warnings, losing things in my own room, really incompetent services, unwanted edgy people, fake/corrupted lawyers, lack of directions (makes me to lose my way), unwanted fantasy, enemy newcomers, rude sarcasms, shallow optimism, enemy's ego, hostile acquaintances, stressful complicated digital things, unwanted/stressful puzzles, being teleported in the wrong places, evil/insane conservatives, dangerous leaks, useless/unwanted blogs, hostile living organisms, unwanted overrated things, evil/sospicious/hostile international figures, disappointing the clients (except sospicious clients)...

MY ALIGNMENT: Good and Neutral.

usually i use paint, seldom or occasionally i use photoshop, blender, alpacha, gimp, paintnet freshpaint. (i need to practice on the drawing thing).

my personal and favorite fighting style: self-taught and heavy hitter, general smart streetfighting (6th), general boxing (5th), kickboxing (4th), general wrestling (3rd), general martial arts (2th), busting charging tackle rush (1st).

my personal elements: speed, power falcon taijutsu hokuto strength, nitro turbo rage and stealth invisibilty.
my birthday is 28 febraury.

my best buddies (not in order obviously): :iconbluemario1016: :iconartisdeviant: :iconmisteraldra: :icong0lddragon: :iconfrostwindl: :iconcyrantonthecold: :iconkiwatec: :iconkirkki: :iconhansisandro1: :iconowiishious: :iconneraja: :iconspyrotailz: :iconsupermariofan65:

my idols: :icon4-elements-dragon: :iconminerea: :icongoldentigerdragon: :iconinsaneus: :icontsitra360: :iconshadow-kento: :iconart-by-ling: :iconseasaltshrimp: :iconrorita-sakura: :iconfloravola: :iconserah-laboratories: :iconlyorenth-the-dragon: :icondraktau: :iconzainnah: :iconicelectricspyro: :iconfizzreply: :iconthornacious: :iconglowingspirit: :iconeternaldragoness: :iconskaylina: :iconlupusaurora: :iconranos: :iconheichukar: :iconchaseu: :icontuwka: :iconwinterthedragoness:

good artists: :iconkirkki: :iconowiishious:

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My favorite Stamps (not made by me but they belong to their rightful owners)

Steam Stamp by badtrane Flag: Italy by TheStampKing iLoveNature by PhysicalMagic i dont smoke by sergbel Beagle Boys Stamp by MarcosPower1996 Don't Drink stamp by RichiHart I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate I Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky Sukhoi PAK FA stamp by Blewder Monsters Stamp 1 : Godzilla by dA--bogeyman Crash Bandicoot stamp by LillyRabbit Gran Turismo Stamp by Spade6179
True friends stamp by Suyy Mr. Magoo Stamp by FelixFan9000 Double D stamp by CosmoAlien I Love Guns Stamp by Its-An-Inferno Punisher stamp by DeviantSith Important to be Nice Stamp by Southrobin Godzilla Victory Dance Stamp by MiniGorbi King Kong Movie Stamp by dA--bogeyman GI Joe stamp by Dragonrider1227 Hokuto No Ken Fan Stamp by JINZOKI Stamp: Digimon by Skully1200 Retro Video Game stamp by Clockwerk-chan Hot Wheels Stamp by Bakumi Need For Speed Stamp by JackXan Recycle Stamp by nechama7 FurAffinity Stamp by Polarbearshygirl team buddies stamp by Llingy Mr Krabs Stamp by laprasking Judge Book Cover Stamp by Mirz123 beyblade stamp by sakura02 Minecraft Stamp by qhostySTAMPS LEGO Fan stamp rev_3 by kiowapilot hotd stamp by rabidzombiedog [Stamps] AV-8 Harrier by FrostyFlakesX Matt Engarde Stamp by StampBandWagon Silent Scope Stamp by AdrianoRamosOfHT

my language skills: and still practicing in order to keep in mind.

Italian language level: NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design German language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy .:Finnish:. Beginner Level by Wildfor-Life


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55 / 5,000
it's always open: i need premium membership :points: and i don't beg for points. begging for points is no excuse. if anyone steal my points or not having my refund, shall be reported.

please, no need to thank me for the liamas.

a stickman commission: 5 points.

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